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About Sussii

Sussii is a tech company with a cult like passion for travel. Our corporate objective is to create a suite of synergistic mission oriented products that leverage patented I.P. to service B2C, and B2B opportunities.

The Sussii team are developing technology that allows users to travel through time to see the past and future travel activity of their social network. Not quite a time machine, but still pretty awesome. Planning travel is just better, when you can see where in the world people are, will be, or have been to. We are a user centric software company (a team of geeks), who have come together to build this technology because we want it ourselves. We build the stuff we know will be awesome.

Our mission has become to leverage the power of social networks to maximise outcomes, rewards, and experiences in all things travel. Our philosophy has been to focus on user value and viral aptitude whilst incorporating personalisation, machine learning, and SAAS potential – all into our flagship platform Sussii, which will provide our foundation for growth. If you sign up with us, you are signing on for a lifetime of better travel. If we didn't believe it, we wouldn't be doing it.

Sussii will change your life.

The Team

Toby Armstrong


Phil Agius


Maciek Wisniewski

Project Manager

Andrew Dore

UI Design

Kamil Grabowsli

Backend Developer

Maciek Dudek

Development / Security

Marcin Dyduch

Full Stack Developer

Mateusz Molasy

Test Analyst

Oskar Kosowski

Front End Developer

Jakub Wieczorek

Full Stack Developer

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